How to be a good maid of honor?

Friend is ready to get married, invited me to do the maid of honor, it is very happy in the mind, but also don’t know how to do it, don’t know what I need to do that day? what do i need to Pay attention to ?

It is Fine if you wear a small dress

Making-up, give priority to simple style ~ as far as possible

Don’t grab the glorious of the bride ~

The maid of honor is the bride’s good assistant

Help the bride to carry something as you can ~ take good care of the bride

A bridesmaid dress at that day must be convenient in activity, bending over, had better not wearing too long skirt, shoes also choose the comfortable and easy one. Belongings not too cluttered, camera, mobile phone, with a small bag paper, needle and thread, pins, cotton buds, etc have come in handy little item packed, ready to take a picture for the bride. Watch her every move, ready to help immediately, even to eat and drink . The bridesmaid dress and makeup don’t be more gorgeous than the bride, the bride is the protagonist, bridesmaid is to help her and do things.

If the bride ready to hire a professional wedding planner or wedding company, it doesn’t matter whether the groomsman and bridesmaid has experience. Wedding planner in addition to arrange all the petty affairs in wedding, but also on guidance and reminder groomsman bridesmaid’s work in the service, their location, and the etiquette matters.

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Přidané 10. črc 2013.