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Fotograf Josef Fedák - svatební fotograf - Josef did an amazing job photographing our wedding. My wife and I are thrilled with the pictures. It was just wonderful working with him. During the ceremony Josef obviously moved around to take pictures from various vantage points, but was so discreet we didn’t even realize he was moving. Neither one of us had any idea Josef was so active until we saw the wonderful pictures. We loved Josef’s suggestions for all of the photos and the ways he was creative and made it fun during whole wedding day. When it was just the two of us, he did a really great job of taking advantage of the setting with us in front of the castle or on the pond bank. He also worked very quickly so we could get back inside and attend the reception and enjoy the party! Josef also did a great job of getting wonderful pictures of the kids. All wedding guests were having a great time with him and it shows all the smiles in the photos. We’re really happy to recommend him as a terrific wedding photographer.
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