A Sense Of Cosplay Identity

In fandom, a sense of identity is grounded on aesthetic practices, like anime cosplay. I have already explained that in Butler's theory identity is seen as performative and involuntary. Subversion becomes a slippery process because the subject is always subjected to social forces.

However, if we read Bodies That Matter movie cosplay closely, we see that Butler provides a small space for the individual subject. She does this by exploring identification from a anime cosplay psychoanalytical angle, an exploration that relies on imagination and desire. Although identification is subjected to "iterability" or citation of existing discourses, it offers more possibilities for envisioning the self and offering resistance to the dominant discourse. This emphasis on the imaginary might also account for Butler's notion that subversion can best be located in aesthetic practices.Even though anime cosplay Butler's theory is deterministic, she still manages to create a certain space for the subject to act in. Creative practices that can widen the range of our performativity allow us to articulate our identity. Fans of anime cosplay explicitly use fiction to do so. Their aesthetic of anime cosplay costumes practices support the insight that Segal and Osborne as well as Butler already had: that within the space of imagination, we can constitute a complex identity one piece cosplay.

Here, cultural norms are not recited or imitated but rather appropriated in innovative ways through narratives. one piece cosplay can be seen as an imitation or recitation that is based on fiction that subjects explicitly enact. It is within these spaces and anime cosplay costumes between reality and fiction, and among these pluralities of meanings attached to a text, that subjects experiment with who they can cosplay one piece.

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Přidané 3. črc 2013.